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    We have twelve years of experience creating emotional and artistic photo montage videos. Sometimes referred to as slideshows - but they are so much more than that. Your special photos have a story to tell, and we want to help you tell it! At McRoberts Video Productions we strive to make the process easy and convenient, and our goal is to bring out the emotion and preserve your memories through our special touches, creative transitions and effects. Every step of the way we focus on personalized service – just for you! We believe these qualities set us apart from our competitors... and our customers agree!

    All photo montage videos include:

  • Up to 45 minute inititial consultation. McRoberts Video Productions can work with you to help get you started, suggesting titles, music, and flow of the video.
  • Your choice of music.
  • You can choose a special photo for the custom designed DVD label at no extra charge.
  • We use a high quality scanner, and the most current video editing software, so you can be assured of the best quality video.
  • Once your video is complete and ready for review, we will email a link for you to review from home on your personal computer via the internet. That way you can view the video from the comfort and privacy of your own home and then suggest changes if any are needed. Your approved video will then be finalized and ready for pickup. 

  • Tips to get you started:

  • Choose the photos you'd like to use - Pick photos that best tell the story. You might want to mix portrait pictures with action shots.
  • Decide on the order of the photos (example: most people order them chronologically). Number the photos on the back, to help us (use post it notes if you don't want to write on the photos).
  • Decide on music that matches the photos. Provide us the CD if you have it.
  • Decide on a title for the video, and if it's a longer video you might break it into sections with titles, so think about that too.

photo montage Packages

Package #1 30 Photos, 1 Song, 1 Beginning Title - approx. 3 min. long
Package #2 60 Photos, 2 Songs, 1 Beginning Title - approx. 6 min. long
Package #3 90 Photos, 3 Songs, 2 Titles (beginning and ending) - approx. 9 min. long
Package #4 120 Photos, 4 Songs, 2 Titles (beginning and ending) - approx. 12 min. long
Package #5 150 Photos, 4-5 Songs, 2 Titles (beginning and ending) - approx. 15 min. long
Package #6 180 Photos, 5-6 Songs, 2 Titles (beginning and ending) - approx. 18 min. long
Packages #7  210 Photos, 7 Songs, 2 Titles (beginning and ending), Up to 15 captions - approx. 21 min. long
  Additional Photos
.75 each
  Additional Songs
$10.00 each
  Additional Titles
$2.00 each
  Additional DVD Copy (see duplication prices for volume discounts)

Video Samples