video editing services


Video Editing

    McRoberts Video Productions provides quality video editing to both businesses and consumers. We use professional editing software such as Adobe Premier Pro in order to produce the highest quality video possible. We can take an inferior video and give it new life again. Let us help you keep your promotional videos up to date, as your products and services change.

    We can:

    • color correct
    • add transitions
    • cut, copy and paste to rearrange scenes
    • enhance video and/or audio quality
    • add titles, narration, animations, graphics, multimedia, and music
    • create a menu, with chapters, for easy navigation through the video
    • format your video for DVD, or to use online on Youtube, Facebook, your website, etc.

    • Let McRoberts Video Productions ease your stress of dealing with the task of video editing.

Pricing for video editing

Video Editing $70 per hour
Video Editing (contract) $45 per hour
Video to Data File $30 per video up to 2 hours
Converting Video Format (.mov, .wmv, .mpeg, .mp4) $20 per video up to 1 hour